ITT Enidine Inc. has created the UltraLOC seat recline system for a new standard in seat recline technology. Seat locks are available in variable or fixed positions to meet all airline seat lock requirements. These units provide superior tensile load capacity and compressive power to improve the integrity of the seat. This gives seat designers versatile and dependable performance.

For longer-stroke uses, ITT Enidine Inc. also has the UltraLOC Premium Class design for first class and business seating. The UltraLOC Executive Class series is ideal for executive aircraft seating. The design includes long strokes and high load specials for aft-facing seats.

Rate controls and actuator controls regulate the time and speed required for a mechanism to move from one place to another. ITT Enidine Inc. offers hydraulic actuator controls and rate controls to improve the performance of these machines in a variety of applications.


Customized designs, Automatic and controlled operation, Maintenance free design, Compact design for weight savings,Extended service performance Wide temperature applications

ITT Enidine Inc. Rotary Hinge Dampers have been adopted by the world’s major OEMs for their new fixed stowage bin designs, but the concept is perfect for other high class interior applications as well. From small compartments in First Class cabins, to cockpit map cases, to entire business jet interiors, ITT Enidine Inc. Rotary Hinge Dampers can be designed to provide the aesthetics passengers want, with the cost and installation efficiency OEMs demand.

For a versatile movement of hinged aircraft interior components, ITT Enidine Inc.'s actuator/rate controls are the ideal choice. Usually, the controls are used to control stowage bin door movement. ITT Enidine Gas Spring Replacements (GSRs) set the standard in the commercial aircraft industry.


Automatic door opening with control and precision, Custom design options, Stable performance in a variety of temperatures, Zero maintenance, Weight saving Long service life